Help With Possibly Damaged Hori EX2


So I asked this question twice in the nooby thread and I didn’t get any responses. I really didn’t want to make a new thread and create clutter but I’m really desperate and don’t really know what to do here, so I’ll try asking this one again.

My guess is the PCB is damaged since these are brand new Sanwa Buttons. How do I go about testing if it’s the buttons or the PCB? If the PCB is damaged, I guess I have padhack it right?

What’s the best pad to use? I’m thinking its the GameStop pad that I’ve been hearing about. If I have to go about doing that, does someone want to actually like help walk me through this whole thing (either via a guide or better yet, something like Skype/AIM)… I’m really paranoid about messing things up and I haven’t found a padhack guide yet that I feel comfortable with like I did with the link above.

Any input would be great. Thanks again.


You did not like these? :sad:


I honestly missed those.

Holy Hell @ that second one though. That looks incredibly simple to mod, even for me.

My question I guess really has to do with the ground. I don’t understand how it works really. Someone was saying common ground means 1 ground to every button…is that like I run 1 wire from every button to that ground? That’s where I got confused. None the less, that second one is still a thing of beauty.

Anyone know the cheapest place to pick one up?

Edit: Alternatively, if someone has a good way to modify a Pelican XSV 360 Pad, that would also be acceptable as I have one laying around here and it wouldn’t cost me anything.


Yes, the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad is super easy.

With Common Ground, you can connect all the Ground of Button together.
Like forming a line from one Button to the next.

Then only one Ground wire will go to PCB.
Only need choose one point on PCB.

The Blue wire you see going nowhere, that is the one Ground wire that goes to Ground point on PCB.
And with a Common Ground PCB, you can just choose any Ground point you like.

There are super many to choose from.
Like in the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad, you see the black dots?
Each of those black dots is a Ground point, you can just solder one wire to any of those.


Thanks again. I’ll dig out that $30 Gamestop card and bring it to my local store tomorrow and get one of these.

You have no idea how bad I want to get back to practicing SF4 and BlazBlue.


Sorry to bump this up again, but I’m now wondering how do I go about wiring the Hori LB, RB, Back, and Start using the SF4 Pad? I didn’t see it in the thread (and if it was there, sorry that I missed it)

The Hori EX2 comes with 3 small PCB boards screwed to the top row of buttons so I’m assuming it would have to do with soldering the Pad Board to those Boards. I can’t see any other way as removing those PCBs just reveals the underlying exposed buttons which are just the button, a rubber pad, and what seems to be a metal contact.

Did I get it right in my assumption? If this is what needs to be done, anyone know which side to wire? Anything else I should be worried about?

Lastly, best way to lay out the PCB in there? I want to be able to still use my mic so it seems the PCB would have to sit at the bottom of the case but it seems I’m sacrificing wire length. Is this going to be a problem? Fixes?


There are three small PCB for the top Buttons.
One for LB and Back, one from Guide, one for Start and RB.

Connect the Grounds of those three PCB together.
Wire up the Signal and Ground of those to whatever PCB you are using.

You probably going to ask what the seven wires in the middle PCB are.
Four wires for LED; Common Anode of LED; Guide Signal; Guide Ground.