Help with PS2 controller Settings for SF4 pc

I didnt wanna make a hole thread about this… i just cant find the answer…
I got a PS3 TE… works fine on my pc… and i got a ps2 controller with a usb converter…

But the settings are so hard to find out. start is Lp, R2 is start… and so on and so on.
i cant seem to find out and i need some help…

Just wondering if someone knows how to make the controller playable?

I would like:

Cross and Circle = LP,MP or LK,MK?
Square and Triangle = LP,MP or LK,MK
R1 and L1 or R1 and R2 = HP.HK or something on the lines of that…
Start = Start
and select = back…

And the D pad or the analogs for moving :slight_smile:

just as long as the pad can be played on :slight_smile: thank you…

Not at home right now, so I can’t give you specifics on the numbers/letters, but here’s an easy way to get it working. First, go into the game, write down every button and what it does in the game. Then, go to your control panel to game controllers(its called something else, but you’ll find it). There should be a setting or properties button in there, hit it and you’ll have a list of numbered buttons. These light up every time you press a button on your controller. Map these out and write them down. Then compare them with what you got from the game, and figure out what needs to go where.

hmm okei thanks :slight_smile: would you still post when you get home if i dont get it right? :slight_smile: thanks!

Yeah, I can write down what I found out about it for you if you like, I’ll give you the button numbers and what they correspond to as far as SF4 goes.Won’t be until about 10pm central, but I’ll post what I have.

Thank you! :slight_smile: so helpful this forumz

Well, assuming you use the default stick configuration, you’re going to have:
LP - O MP - ? HP - R1
LK - ? MK - X HK - RT
Under controller settings, fuck it, pictures work so much better, do this: