Help with PS3, Getting the best Connection Possible

So I’ve had my PS3 for a while now, though I haven’t really played it much save for when VF5 came out. So now that Tekken is out and online, I’ve been trying to get online to get some games in, but rarely with success.

First of all, Downloads on my PS3 take FOREVER. I have an xbox, an xbox 360, a PC and a Wii (connected through USB wifi thing) and I connect fine with minimum lag to a cable modem using a wired connection. So, in reading the forums, I discovered connections in multiplayer online games are much better when you turn off the media server option - did that. I got a couple of games in. Some played ok, some lagged for both me and another player(s). (I have only been able to get in a few games so far.)

I tried another download, mortal Kombat 2. It took me 2 hours. Is that normal? When setting up my options, My test results look like this, only UPnP is not available.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the PS network really that slow? Any tips would be appreciated.

My connection is through comcast cable and I live in north florida, if that makes any difference.

It sounds like you have both the 360 and ps3 connected by regular ethernet cable to your router. If they’re wired the same way, and the ps3 is that much slower than the 360, you can blame the PSN for that one.

If things were configured wrong, it simply wouldn’t work. With the exception of odd forwarding or something set on your router (which it doesn’t sound like the case), the only conclusion I can think of is that the PSN’s having load issues for downloads (which I heard from a few other sources), or you’re hitting things at peak hours.

I only have one friend in the city that’s bothered with the PS3 so far, and he bitches like crazy about the PSN’s speed. You’re probably not alone.

PSN’s speed varies per person, for starters it’s faster than XBL ever was for me. So YMMV on it as it does with everybody.

You could also try freeing up the ports that PSN requires, if you haven’t done so already.

That’s about it.

PSN is fucking fast for me… 1 megaBYTE per second downloads… but then again, I have a 30mbps pipe.

I will try that when I get home. I’ve tried just using a direct connection to the modem instead of going to the router, but that didn’t help, but I will try port forwarding to see what I come up with. I was actually able to get a few games in last night in tekken and it wasn’t terrible, but not great. I hardly ever really experience lag when I play games like Hyper Fighting on my 360, which is why it seemed to me like I had it set up incorrectly. Thanks for the link, I’ll post up what I come up with. I’d heard about port forwarding when setting up GGPO on my windows machine, but I didn’t have issues so I didn’t bother.
but yeah, thanks again.