Help with ps3 TE dual mod



I need some help and info for my dual mod.

I got a PS3 TE Round one stick i want to dual mod for 360

What i got so far

-Official ms wired controller Late ver
-IMP and Hex converters

can i use official ms controller and if yes do i need the hex inverters?
is there a diagram for my setup somewhere, i seen the slagcoin diags but it would be nice to see one with imp board in it.

Thanks in advance.


here is the stuff i have again.

Dual mod plan


No you should not. The triggers are not common ground but you do not use hex invertors for MS pads. While it is possible to add some electronics, octoplers and transistors and stuff, to common ground the triggers, the cost and work involved exceeds just buying a wired Madcatz controller.

It is easier and worth the money to buy a Madcatz controller. Preferably a fight pad that has worn out rubber buttons but still works.


Cannot use Microsoft Controller to do Dual Mod.
Well it is possible, but it is not worth it to make be able to.


You need one of Mad Catz game pad. Official pads are a bitch. Hopefully you didn’t take apart your controller already though.


Mad Catz FightPad is nice to padhack for a dual mod as well. No need to hack the triggers or be bothered with the analog sticks.


The FightPad is the best option, but if that isn’t available, you can get a Madcatz normal xbox controller and follow my guide to padhack it:

When you’re done with that, I’d suggest following Mr_Caesar’s guide:


thanks for all the replies, I wanted to use official ms pad cause i got one here that the usb wire is cut, i do have the hex inverters for triggers, is there a guide somewhere for the official ms pad i did see the one for madcatz with the trigger hack thing. is it the same.

thanks again. definatly will look for a used fightpad seems like the easiest one.


been looking for a fightpad, cheapest one i found was 49.95$ +tax (EBgames), a bit too steep for me right now. So if anyone could give me a bit more info for official pad would be greatly appreciated.

edit: Did a bit more digging in the forums, so i think this is what i would need to do for all signals?


I’m not quite sure, but I believe the official wired pad is NOT common ground (in the triggers), and thus, can’t be used in dual mods. (Unless you also do a common ground mod)

Sorry :frowning:


I found that its not common ground, and this tut “Connecting Seimitsu LS32-01 or Sanwa JLF to non common ground xbox360 pads”. So it does look like a ridiculous amount of work to get the whole pad common… i think ill drop it for now and just keep bargain hunting for a fight pad, thanks again for the replies.