Help with PSX->PC converter

I bought the converter from Radioshack that fatherbrain recommended, but I tried using it with my HRAP and the results were terrible. The inputs had to be so slow to be recognized that it was pointless. Everything that I’ve read (and thats very little, theres not much about it) about this subject seems to point to the fact that HRAP doesn’t work very well with PSX->PC, except maybe with some obscure converter called Wind Spirit that I can’t seem to find anywhere. The only thing that makes me ask for help before returning this thing to RS is that WSOP from Godweapon told me that he used to have a HRAP and it worked fine with his MAME/converter from RS.

I tried my HRAP on two different computers (neither of them would have any trouble hardware wise), and got the same result: the inputs from the HRAP are reallllly slow, so that if you were doing quick, continuous circular motions with the stick, the only inputs you’d actually see on the test screen were something like (UL, D, DR, U, L) and were really inconsistent. Does anybody have any real experience with this that can help me before I return this thing tomorrow? Thanks.

If you are a serious PC gamer, get a Joystick/controller made for the PC or buy a joystick/controller for The XBOX and get an XBOX adapter.

The XBOX adapters have no lag because the XBOX controller interface is virtually the same as USB, so it requires little converting.

The PS2 adapters will always have lag, but it’s like playing musical chairs to try and find the one that will have the less lag AND work for the joystick/controller that you want to use.

Thank you much. This is all I needed to know. I have a X-Arcade that’ll work back at the apartment. It’s not perfect but I’m not too hardcore of a PC gamer anyways. Back to Radioshack this POS goes:).

The PSX to PC converter works best with a PS1 DS PCB. I had to do that and now it works Like a charm.

Just get a PSX - Parallel Port converter.

Get the necessary driver depending on your OS.
WinME/98/2000 use DirectPadPro for your driver.
WinXP use PSXPAD driver.

The USB converters blow ass unless you’re using a PSone dual shock 1. It’s the same thing when you try to play an old PSone fighting game on a ps2 with a PS2 Dual Shock 2.

Most arcade fighting sticks that are made for Playstation these days are made for PS2 and thus go by Dual Shock 2 rules.

When I played on my computer, my SC2 hori stick would not work properly on USB, because it follows dual shock 2, a Parallel Port printer converter +driver was needed.

Parallel Port converters are better than USBs in this instance. The advantage that a USB would have over the PP converter is that the USB is simply plug and play and you can go over to someone else’s PC and play. With a PP port you need the driver in order for everything to work, meaning whatever computer you hook your shit up to, has to have the driver installed. Google for any of the drivers.

EDIT: If you have WinXP and youre using PSXPAD make sure NOT to use Mame .64, the buttons glitch up.