HELP with purchasing a stick (x360)

Hey all, I’m finally deciding to cave and purchase my first stick.
If anyone knows of cheap sites or If anyone is selling one at a decent price, please by all means let me know.
I’m looking to spend upwards of $60 to about $80 range (I’ve seen some on eBay but I don’t want to bid, I want to buy immediately.) If anyone has any info, It would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Is it so hard to check the stickies?

as answer on your question, the SCV stick by madcatz is generally seen as a good one for $100 with free shipping

Madcatz Arcade FightStick SOUL CALIBUR Edition is the best good cheap model if you prefer the NAMCO layout
or Madacatz Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO if you like the TAITO layout.

Where can I find those?

Amazon or gameshark.

Much appreciated, thank you.

It’s a sad day when idiots start flagging people for offering the RIGHT advice.

Who flagged you?

I guess I did on accident