Help with quanba q4raf to pc


Need help to figure out how to use my quanba q4raf on my alienware with windows 7. I installed the drivers checked the buttons tried to calibrate the stick the stick and the buttons work but the light won’t turn on and if I try to play a game it won’t move the cursor. I also tried to change the settings in the game to play the stick but it doesnt show up


Use it in the xbox mode, should just work.


I tried both Xbox and pc but it won’t light up. I unplugged it then switched to pc it won’t turn on and then unplugged it and switch to Xbox still no light. But ill try it again


Player lights likely won’t work (I don’t think they do, but it’s been a while). All that matters is if you can get it enumerating in the device manager, and working in a game. Ignore the LED’s for now.


Ok thanks