Help with RC



See then doing the roll cancel i don’t understand do u just roll then push punch ? and how fast do u need to be to do it?


What do u need help RCing? If its RCing in general then there are plenty of thread in the General Discussion section of CvS2.:slight_smile:




ok, im bumping this for my own help with RCing… today has been the day I have finally RCed a light move funky kick ofcourse but I have come across a problem

I first did it with negative edge but that only worked for me about 1/20 times =/ Doubletapping is going surprisingly well, its just that I have only done charge moves alot so I like to start at downback, so the fucky kick doesnt come out… :stuck_out_tongue: But thats not the problem

My problem is I doubletap short AND jab, I hold my index finger on short and middle finger on jab, because my thumb isnt fast enough to doubletap…

My problem: Is there any other way to doubletap? How do you guys do it?

Second problem: I get loads of jab fireballs out, well RC is already great, but I wouldnt like to fuck it up =/ Short SHOULD override jab so funky kick should come out theoretically… Should I try not to doubletap the jab? It works alot better when I doubletap both of them or do you say that I just fucked up the hcf motion and I just got a RC jab fireball because I didnt do the fucky kick motion?

To the people who dont understand the second problem::::

hcf+lk is funky kick, short overrides jab when pressed at the same time, theoretically; its the game engine but my problem with jab fireball is that I just suck With key display it DOES show I pressed them at the same time. OR it is the fact i did db, d+roll, df, f+roll --------> which means I get a jab fireball, because I havent done the funky kick motion well?

I know, its a reallty dumb question, but Im getting RC jab fireball more then I would like (2/5 times or so?) And I would like to perfect it… RCing is finally going so well, and now this :frowning:


If you are using your index on short and middle on jab then you probably are really uncomfortable. You are going to have to use that thumb for short bro. The way I double tap Funk kick is I put the tip of my thumb on the side of the middle knuckle of my index finger. I try to adjust the position of my thumb so that I hit jab and short with just laying it flat across the two buttons. Go into training mode and see if you are hitting jab and short at the same time to be sure. Soon it will become second nature and you will slam on roll without thinking. Then you could use your other 3 fingers to hit the attack button. Sometimes I position my hand like im holding something small between my index and thumb. I use that hand position sometimes to hit jab and short and then use my ring or pinky finger to hit the attack button like strong or fierce. Hit roll at down and follow up with the attack button at forward.

For the funky kick you got to start at back I believe. I don’t know if you could end it at down-forward or forward. But in any case start at back and end at forward. That should solve your problem.

Oh yeah and still double tap that shit too.

For fireball you gotz to start at down. Its kinda harder to RC IMO cuz you have 3 directional inputs to RC; down, down-forward, forward. But just hit roll and down and attack at toward. Quick motion too.

And double tap that shit as well.

I feel your pain man. I just got 360’s down a bit and still workin on charge moves. You’ll get it soon enough:)