Help with Reading (needing some help... if possible)


Alright, so I’m going to back college, but because it’s been so long since I’ve been in school I’m being forced (sort of) to take a placement test to determined what classes I’ll be taking in fall. I know it’ll come to a shock to everyone after telling them this, but they think I’m stupid (I know, I know, crazy people over there).

Thanks to my blog I was exempted from taking the Writing portion of the test (I’m not even joking. Don’t read it please). However, I still need to take the Reading and Math portions.

Luckily, I live next to UT (the big Austin college here in Texas) and it’s full of Asians, and they’ve been helping me in the Math section (so I got that covered). However, I have no real way to train for the Reading part of the test.
They gave me a sample sheet of 3 passages to take in order to get an idea of what I was in for. I did really well, however I’m not 100% confident that I will pass the Reading part unless I study a little more on the subject.

So basically I stumbled upon a site like this
(For those who need help with Math, this is very, very useful).
Looking at this, I was wondering if there is a site similar to this, or close enough to educate those in the Reading subject at a high-school or college level.

Any help will do.



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Reading is a skill like anything else. If you only practice it in a place where people are so incapable of expressing themselves in words that they need to use pictures and other visual aids, you are in for a nasty shock. You need to start reading things by people who can express themselves without moving their lips and actually read what they wrote before they decided it was fit for the world to see.

So yeah, read books. Preferably a variety of authors and topics.


If you can’t read and comprehend what you read, yooooooou might be a redneck.


Look Twilight Sparkle it’s ok. Even though you got sent to the moon a few times you’ll be OK! Books are your friends! Spikes been writing down all your cliff notes too! You have plenty of books at home too! And always always remember “If you can’t solve a friendship problem, make a friendship problem!”


Honestly, there are plenty of folks who can’t read. To the OP, read more, learn to think critically, learn to argue from argument, learn to do research/investigate, and I’m sure more can be said.


i’m asian

i can help with ur reading comprehension

750/800 on verbal sat back in 2000

step1. read lots of classic literature
step2. every classic literature book usually contains lots of analysis written by some nerd. read their analysis. google other analysis of the work online

eventually you’ll get a feel for how to analyze shit by seeing how other nerds analyze shit


I somehow hope that wouldn’t effect me in this subject ;_;

I see.
My method lately was to read other stuff.
But exactly what? I didn’t know what to go for. Borrowed several books from a friend of mine into literature, so hopefully that will help me out.
Didn’t know how classic literature took effect in this, but I’ll look more into that.

Otherwise, I suppose the bottom line is just to read.
Thanks for the feed back :slight_smile:


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the reason i recommend the classics is because all classics usually have a preface that consists of an essay that is dozens of pages long analyzing the themes, motifs, and main ideas presented by the author. so its good to get a handle for how the nerds think, because similar nerds write the tests too


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Maybe you can read this book: Nuclear Firsts: Milestones on the Road to Nuclear Power Development by Gail H. Marcus.