Help With Region DLC for SSF4

Alright Orginally I bought both the Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4 complete costume packs from my PS Store. I live in New Zealand. These didn’t work in game and so I had to ring up and ask why. They told me theres nothing they could do and that my SSF4 disc was from a different region.

The numbers on the game is BLAS 50200.

I have looked this up and it says Asia/Hong Kong so I have made an account and said I was from Hong Kong. Now I am wondering

A) How do I get a valid address with this? I dunno what to do here lol.
B) Will this work if I buy the outfits, download them to my PS3 then switch back to my normal account?
C) Any other problems that could be forseen with this?

Thanks for any help

A) Just Google for Hong Kong residential addresses. For example,

No. 9 Sham Shing Road
Cheung Sha Wan
Hong Kong

You’ll have to buy Hong Kong region PSN money online (like this), because a credit card issued outside of Hong Kong won’t work.

B) Yes.

C) Not really, but all future DLC you buy for your Hong Kong region SSFIV will have to be from the Hong Kong store too.

I’ve been looking for awhile now and cant find any Hong Kong addresses that work, any pointers?

Also that PSN card, does it come via mail or can I get this electronically. The delivery costs alone to New Zealand would be staggering, might as well just buy a new copy.

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I am sure you can just tell the seller to send you the recharge numbers to you, instead of mailing a empty DVD case with a small piece of paper with numbers, because that is all it is.

Oh? The one I posted should work. What kind of error message is it giving you?

Also, there are lots of places online that will e-mail you the PSN codes. Try eBay as well.

I used a pretty famous dimsum chain for my HK PSN address. Just look around a bit more.

Alternatively, you could buy the game for whatever region you already bought the dlc from, then sell your game used. You might save money that way.