Help with removing Tournament Edition buttons


Hi sorry if this has been posted had a good look and couldnt find anything but how do you remove and replace a button on a PS3 Tournament stick?? thanks in advance!


Ok I am honestly curious…what are you replacing the buttons in the TE with?

Also as far as I know they are OSBN-30’s in the TE. They have tabs you press in on and the button should pop right out.


Im just replacing it with the same button madcatz are sending me another one as its not working. Is it the small plastics tabs or the bigger ones?


That is instructions to removing buttons on the SE. Same rules apply pretty much to TE stick

  1. The buttons on the TE are OSBF-30. . .not OSBN



maybe he wants different colors or seimitsu? and they dont just “POP” out. you hav to apply some pressure after youve pushed the tabs in. i would disconnect all the wires so you have th whole top plate free ofthe rest of the base.


I did not mention removing the QD’s because I would assume he would do that before trying to remove the buttons. That is just common sense to me.

I could have swore I read that the TE had the pop in Sanwa’s and not the threaded Sanwas. But I am human and can be wrong.


cheers for all your help guys much appreciated!:tup: