Help With Replacing Art

How would i go about replacing the art with this with a picture i got off the internet or something… i know nothing about stick’s…
is it hard?

OH! Im doing this very very soon, first you have to get a template (the exact size) for the art and work on it with photoshop (if you wanna do manually, or ask someone to do it for you) then print it out on perferably glossy paper (photo paper) and laminate it. Unscrew the bottom plate, unbolt the top plate and pull it off then you have to desolder the buttons, take out the buttons, unscrew the joystick, take out the joystick, and put on your art and reverse everything :slight_smile: actually it is pretty hard (the soldering part)

Wow, Afk Slitting my wrists… you have aim by any chance? if so please give it too me :smiley: