Help with resizing

I’ve got an images that needs resized, if anyone can help with this please, it’s for a company business card.
If you can double the size, and save as a RGB file.

Thanks ahead of time

Give me your e-mail address and I’ll send it to you.


lol no no RGB being the color type. CKY was blurring the colors. PSD is fine as the file type. Sorry I wasn’t more specific

I got the pixels out of the text, could you help me with the logo? possible make it a little bit bigger as well?

What do you want done with it? Sharpen it up? Dimensions?

And what do you mean “RGB being the color type”? Do you mean splitting the colors into RGB channels, therefore, 3 pictures?

Uh, whats up with that file? It gives me some error in PS CS AND Illustrator CS…

Is it vector or not? And yeah, what the heck do you want done exactly?

I need the image sharpened up. Forget the RGB thing I start a new picture and already took care of that. The pdf file is what I need worked on. I just need it sharpened up and if possible the logo made a tad bit bigger.

:rock: Id like to take this time to say KMFDM fucking owns. :rock:

You just made my week! Thanks so much, that looks very pimp.
:bows: thanks again.