Help with RFID/object detection to activate LED Lights


Im working on a project and what im trying to do, is basically have a general base, and when you wave objects near certain points on this base, points will light up (kinda like a grocery store check out).

So what im thinking is buying RFID chips that correspond to each other and have 1 chip in the base, and the corresponding chip in the object, when the object gets close to the base, LED lights will shine from the base.

this is for an Industrial Design project btw, Im not too knowledgeable of electrical engineering, but any feedback would be great, it doesnt necessarily need RFID chips, but as long as theres that distinct connection between 2 objects, creating an effect, would be the goal.


If you don’t have to use rfid, I would look into using a hall effect sensor, but that won’t allow you to have different activators for each position unless you do something like make some kind of physical interface for the magnets to fit into that differs for each location.


From the sound of what you want to do, RFID is a viable option. I can’t think of a better way to identify objects based on proximity.


I just bought some LED lights that turn off when a magnet is removed from the side of the housing.
It works by having two wires very close together, without touching. When the high powered rare earth magnet is close to the two wires it causes them to stick together and close the circuit.
In my case closing the circuit turns the light off. You could make such a design turn a LED on.

Best part is I got it at the big chain store The Dollar Tree. If you have that store in your area you can see if they have any.
It could easily be made with some wire batteries, and scavenged rare earth magnets from a dead HDD, or optical drive.