Help with Router/Modem settings for online play with PSN


We just started using a new LINKSYS CISCO model router to connect to the net and we are also using it with our PS3.
Thing is whenever I try to play matches online via joining rooms or inviting friends, it rarely ever connects; what should I change from my router’s settings to ensure connection? Is it a Port I must alter?


There’s 3 ways you can setup your PS3.

  1. DMZ - You will need to manually assign your PS3 and IP then, in the router settings, add that IP to the DMZ. This opens up every port to the internet for your PS3. Might not be a be a bad idea for a game system, although there are more secure ways to go about doing it. Definitely never DMZ an IP assigned to a computer.

  2. UPnP - Universal Plug n Play. Your PS3 will be able to open up ports as needed on the router. In your router settings, enable UPNP. This setting may or may not be available, depending on the model and firmware on your router. This feature will effect every device on your network, not just your PS3.

  3. Port forwarding - Specially assign which ports can be forwarded to your PS3. Most secure way to go about setting it up. Again, you will need to manually assign an IP address. In your router settings, you want to forward the following ports: 5223 for TCP and 3478, 3479, and 3658 for UDP. Depending on the game, you may need to open additional ports.

Do your connection test. Since you are behind a router, ideally what want a NAT Type 2 connection.


OK I’ll see if UPnP works, but the port forwarding thing seems a little complex for me ^_^; I’ll ask about that one later though.