Help with xx hp jet upper



I can combo and link cr.lp, cr.lp, no problem , but when it comes to canceling at the end it seems i just can’t do it fast enough. I imagine it needs to be buffered some how. Can anyone help with this?


I actually found this combo one of the easier ones to perform. I just put in the SRK motion as I was pressing s.HK. I had a harder time with s.HK into MGB.


as soon as i hit standing roundhouse im inputing the dp short cut so by the time I hit HP i’m just hitting df. It’s an awkward combo for sure.


I find MGB a lot easier to do. Just hold back while pressing HK. You can’t do that with jet upper because pressing forward does an overhead. For jet upper either do: down front, down, down front -OR- front, down front, front. Those are shortcut motions for jet upper. I’m learning Dudley also and find it easy to do if I’m only doing HK canceled to jet upper. I have trouble doing it after the entire combo though. Maybe try just HK cancel jet upper first to get the feel for it then put the whole thing together.


also got used to holding back when so doing the dp is really hard :stuck_out_tongue: i usually end up doing h mgb if i got no meter :confused: