Help with Safe Jumps

I couldn’t find any thread focused on this.

Would you guys mind sharing? D:

I aint 100% on my safe jumps.
If anyone has any, let me know. I should really watch GamerBee more for them!

I’m not entirely 100% on my setups either, but if I remember watching a vid correctly, the correct way to set a safe-jump off a hard knockdown, is to do a, take 1 mini-step forward(or backwards for fake crossup) and jump. I’m not by m xbox so I cant test this, but I do know the hits extremely deep when u set it up like this^ off a back throw. I think somewhere in evo top 8 off a forward throw, Gamerbee dashed forward and jumped immediatly, maybe that could be a set-up?? I’ll test these out when I can and update =)

yeah I should really test this stuff. My mother is heading home today so I shall be doing some testing :smiley:

well after a forward throw there is a really easy safejump:

fw.throw - instant dash forward - uf.hp or … should be safe to 4 frame reversals, at least 5f! trick is to hold uf while you are dashing, so you jump the first frame possible!
i dont have much time now to post other stuff, but i will do so tomorrow!
hope i could help!

Theres also another true safejump if you hold up after MK rising jaguar (must get two hits), useful for setting up pressure after a punish

A ghetto safejump (can be autocorrect DPed by some chars) is backthrow, st.lp, jump mk (will hit crossup)

hmm does this work after a lk.rj too? or just mk.rj? because i usually do cr.lp,cr.lp, lk.rj (kind of easier to input for me oO)

Only MK, the recovery is longer which sets up the timing for the safe jump

guess i need to use a new bnb then =)

ive been trying to swap mk.rj into my combos more it seems to hit crouchers more reliably?

Forward throw to dash is the most basic one, but is very strict with it’s timing and is only usable on some of the cast. I don’t think it works on any of the shotos, unless perhaps you empty jump it to bait out a dp. Off of back throw, take one small step back and then do a j.MK. To take that even further, if you do the jump properly, hitting the MK deeper into the jump will have it NOT cross up, making it a nice 50/50 for him.

I do believe he has one off of anything but hands super, but not sure of the timing so I’ll need to experiment a little bit on that one.

Dash Up, J.HK [6-Frame Safe Jump]
Walk Up about 2 steps or so, J.HK [4-Frame Safe Jump]

s.LP, j.MK [4-5 Frame] Easier to do, easier to block
Move back just a little, j.MK [4-5 Frame] harder to do, more ambiguous

s.LP, j.HK [4-5 Frame] Easier to do
Move forward just a little, j.MK [4-5 Frame] Harder to do.

Thank you guys! I shall test everything soon.

s LP , j mk is not ambiguous at all , it will hit cross-up almost every time , it’s a safe jump cross-up like GamerBee did against Xiaohai’s Cammy or RB’s Guy because as we know it’s really risky to try the usual jump mk against these characters.

I’m not sure it’s really usefull to try a (fake) cross-up so obvious , I guess it’s better to do nothing but we can always try to do an empty jump and then a low short (os tech thow) instead the obvious cross-up , it works sometime.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to?

I refer to the setup after a back throw , if you do stand lp before , the jump mk will hit cross-up , removing the ambiguity of the jump mk , and his goal is to be ambiguous.

im pretty certain that is covered in his post…


i use lk.RJ jump .mk to safejump 3 frame dps and ultras. i tend to play a lot of dp and ultra mashers so i had to find a way to make sure i never got hit by it. works like a charm.

fyi: it is not possible to safejump 3f dps, except you hit them in the back…

Quick question. This may be a question of option select generally… But… I’m kind of stumped.

I fthrow chun. Dash… Safe jump to ex sbk. 6 frames. Sweet. Couldn’t safe jump Seth… Was sure it was 6 frames.

I do the same setup, try and option select with ultra or ex rising jaguar… I get beat out.

Why is that? If I can block… Shouldn’t the reversal come out? It’s like it’s not even letting me hit the ground. Thoughts?

I’m not an Adon player… Just helping a friend study up and trying to explain safe jumps and option selects… I kind of hit a wall because of this. I can’t even do it vs juri, she pinwheels me clean. Am I just executing wrong?