Help with Sagats focus attack




I’m having a bit if of trouble when jumping m.kick or l.kick against Sagat, I’m playing my friend and I can’t seem to get past it…any hints?



Don’t jump in on him? Work your ground game. If you do jump in and he focuses, you can:

-Charge vert/hori ball and break the FA
-spam c.short/c.jab/s.jab and hope you break his FA via two quick hits


easy! if you jump in on him do nothing but an empty jump in and then throw him!


ah, very nice :slight_smile:


Yeah, this works nice. Works even nicer against lots of people who are kind of new to using Gouken…they try to counter everything.


It works well against everyone


Everytime I fight Sagat I die a little inside!

But yeah the throw works on everyone, but also keep your ex vert ball charged just in case!

#8 > throw works too if you’re quick enough


Or hold block the second you hit the focus and then reversal ex upball or ultra if he dashes forward.

  1. Empty jump on him.
  2. Coward Crouch while he attacks
  3. EX Upball
  4. Win.


I tend to spend the first half of the round feeling out how the Sagat player plays. If he likes to use tons of FAs then I just charge my ball. A lot of Sagats that like to FA a lot will throw a tiger shot and then charge their FA. Anticipate this and punish by blocking the tiger shot and then blasting him (and breaking the FA) with horz ball. After 2 or 3 times of this, they usually are much more reluctant to FA and you can usually get away with jumping (and attacking) over tiger shots.


This is very smart…I do the same thing and it really works.


If your jumping in on him and remember that blankas standing medium kick delivers two quick knees to the sagat’s domepiece and normally breaks the FA. Also, as mentioned in the Coward Crouch threads, you can also use the coward crouch to duck out of the hit and then you can punish it with Vert. Ball.


Why cancel coward crouch into Upball to counter a focus attack though? Just do HP elec, more damage and knockdown.


I would throw them or I would do l. punches to break his focuses.