Help with SCV stick usb headphone jack

i have a noob question, never had a usb headphones. How do i connect my 3.5mm jack into the usb? what kind of adapter do i need? any recommendation?

You need a Mic adapter

If you can find it I highly recommended the Logitech jack to USB adapter

This works on PC and PS3.

If you want to use a headset with a Xbox 350, you not be able to use USB.
You have to use there Audio jacks on the controller or buy a Xbox 360 Wireless headset

Which would look something like this

thanks for the reply man
saw review on the logitech, sound quality is not so good…

I have no issues with the logitech USB audio adapters. And they are much better than a good 95% of the market when it comes to this kind of adapter.
The Head sets that used to go with the adapter sucks, but you can substitute those with a better pair of headphones.