Help With Season Pass


I purchased the Season Pass for SFV and went in attempting to purchase all available costumes yesterday. However, only 3 or 4 showed up in the shop, and the game is still trying to charge me in in-game currency instead of acknowledging the pass. I already double-checked PSN and it shows the pass as purchased and installed. Is there something more I have to do in order to get costumes and colors?


The season pass only gives you the characters, their premium costumes(of which only 4 of them are available atm, the others will probably be availqble when the zenny system is fixed) The story costumes you have to unlock with ingame currency, the same goes for a few colors. All the other colors have to be gotten via survival mode, for every costume.
You also get 1 stage.


OK. I was under the impression that it unlocks all costumes. Thanx.