Help with Seimitsu Button Terminals

So I was switching out buttons on a seimitsu setup that I have, and taking off that cord that attaches to the button through the terminal is pretty tough. When I was trying to get one of the things to slide off the terminal, the metal thing attached to the wire snapped (not on the terminal on the buttons-that part is fine, but the metal post attached to the wire that goes to the pcb…) What is that part called that crimps onto the wire…and is there a specific size? I couldn’t find them at home depot, but went to an electricians shop and found a 3M part that is similar…but a little too big. Might I be able to find one of these at maybe an Auto Parts store?

You mean quick disconnects? They come in sizes, seimitsu buttons have .110" lugs.

You may be able to find them, but what you are looking for are .110" Female quick disconnects. Most Auto parts store’s smallest are .187", which is okay for Happ buttons or any joysticks, but not Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. You could get them from lizardlick?LL Quick Connect, .110" Insulated, but I don’t know if you’d want to pay shipping over a few cents worth of goods. You also need crimpers of some sort. A lot of wire strippers have the ability to crimp. But they’re not as good as ratcheting crimpers.

You can just take the frayed wire and bend it onto or solder it to the button. It will work just the same, but it won’t look quite as clean.

If you really don’t mind aesthetics, .187 will work but you will have to squeeze it funny and maybe use one side of it. If you go to radio shack they will have a little baggie of .187 Quick disconnect terminals.

I suggest that you go to and look up “electronics supply” and “electronics hobby”. You are looking for a small independent store. You can try emailing and can try to ask Chad if he is willing to ship 2 .110 Quick Disconnects to you in the cheapest envelope possible.

Hell I’ll sell you 2 of them for a $1 in a regular envelop if you want.

It might cost you More, but you can always order a few extra .110" Female quick disconnects incase you break another one, you would not be int he same bind again.