Help with sentinel



hey…im a noob kinda…have practically NO experience with sentinel…wondering if people can help me get started…i’ve read the faqs on gamefaqs and read most o the threads…guess i need some help figuring out how to use him…
and while i know it’s nice to know wat kinda team i’m using him in, to b honest, i’m not quite sure yet…i’m thinkin of using him in a couple different teams- mayb mags/sent/ironman and strider/doom/sent…something like that since i love using mags and i’m working on im and strider/doom…
any advice on using sentinel would b appreciated…thanx


so, no1 uses sentinel anymore? i know thats not true…isnt there some1 out there who can help me out?


trying looking at the other threads in this sectrion… or else be a little more specific about what EXACTLy you need help with


alright…like i said i have no idea wat to do…i guess im wondering how he is usually played i.e. should i just rush in and try to do some sort of aircombo? or should i sit back and use drones and beams? can some1 explain fastfly to me? mayb some examples of combos, resets, that kinda of thing… pretty much any information…i looked around the threads and it seemed like they were just combos and stuff…i need to know more basic information since i don’t know how to use him AT ALL


go to and DL soo mighty vs sin…nuthing but team scrub vs team scrub…gd it is boring, but that is how sentinel is played