Help with SF Anni stick and Dreamcast

i was wondering if anyone could help me, i jsut got the SF anniversary arcade stick and im trying to hook it up to my dreamcast to play some mvc2. I have an adaptor that converts the PS2 plug to dreamcast and when i use a playstation controller everything works fine but my stick doesnt do anything when i plug it in… i think i have to set the dreamcast to analog somehow but i cant find any settings to do so… please help


You wanna post this in the tech section. They should be able to give you some info there.

ill try that thanks

It’s possible that your converter doesn’t support the analog stick at all, I might be wrong though.

do you know where i could get a better converter?

I have an innovation converter and it works cool. What kind do u have???

Do you know any places that have one in stock?

If you find a good converter let me know. I’ve got the exact same stick and I’m trying to hook it up to my dc as well.

edit: Do you think one of these would work:

i just got a innovation converter and im still having the same problem…

metrock1 are you using the SF anni stick as well?

i hav an sf stick and got it to work with the TOTAL CONTROL ps2 -> dc. i had to switch the disconnects on the R2 and L1 buttons. Had to also connect the ac adapter to the converter but it definitly works. The link below goes to the one that i have. the t5 sticks works with it also but i need to switch the buttons.

Sometimes I have to hook up a ps2 dual shock then the Anni stick. Or plug then unplug the stick and or converter to get it working right. its like a 50/50 shot but after messing with it I can use it 100 of the time.