Help with SF4 TE Stick (Maybe upgrading to MVC3 TE)

Hey guys I have the original SF4 Mad Catz TE fighting stick. I am thinking about upgrading to the New Mad Catz MVC3 TE stick but I am wondering if there are any differences between the sticks.

The one i have works great but if there are any changes Id love to know. Thanks in advance!

No point of switching unless your stick case is cracked or broken.

BTW. Wrong forum to post this.

Spend that money on getting it dual modded instead.

Sorry for posting in the wrong place. Figured this is for MVC3 players,no one knows better than you guys.

Thanks tho for the information.

When you say Dual modded… U mean so I can use it on PS3 and Xbox?


Any recommendations on locations or trustworthy sites for these mods? Thanks

Thank you very much that was quick!

Especially as its the exact same stick just a different colour box.
I have an sf4 one and an ssf4 one which was in a different shape box… but was the same stick haha

It works great. Just like the mvc designs. Thanks