help with shotos...

I don’t know why you guys all keep insisting one shoto is better than the other. The truth is, all three are equally good. They just need to be played differently that’s all.

Maybe you guys can find this useful:

-Ken has far s.HK. It has far range, hits in 9, lasts for 5, and yields -11 on hit or block.

-Ryu has far s.HP. It has less range than Ken’s far s.HK, but instead hits in 7, lasts for 10(!), and yields a much better +/-0 advantage. This move is also super cancelable, which Ken far s.HK is not.

Is Ken’s far s.HK or Ryu far s.HP automatically better than on or the other? No, you use them differently from slightly different distances that’s all. Both moves are equally good with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Another example:

Ryu’s hop kick goes over low attacks, moves Ryu forward, and yields +1 on the block (still almost completely safe on the hit at -4). This move is good, and something Ken doesn’t have. Ken’s LK funny kick yields +2 on the hit OR block, but it doesn’t move Ken forward. Ken’s forward moving kick, the f+HK, doesn’t go over low attacks like Ryu’s does.


Ryu may not have far s.HK or RC funny kick, but Ken doesn’t far s.HP or f+MK hop kick. Do you agree on that? :slight_smile:

all you have proven is that ryu is more of a solid character than ken is, considering ken has to make all 3 hit of his shoryuken to make good damage or else its usless where as ryu just has to hit once and does a fairly good amount of damage.

and about kens hurrican kick, im guessing you used ken rh hurricane kick, but as ken players know, that versions leaves ken vulnerable at the end of it.( i would give frame data but i dont know them and dont know where to get them scince our friend has closed his gaming section of his website[…]) where as ryu makes an instant knock down.

but basicly both of them have ups and downs so they’r pretty much equal.:smiley:
its just a matter of taste.
if you preffer punchi’n—> Ryu
if you preffer kicki’n -----> Ken

Ken’s hurricane kick is good. It leaves the ground as soon as you finish the input, so Ken can’t be thrown. It’s a special move, so when it hits somebody in the air, that somebody will be knocked down guaranteed. Ken is only at -3 when the move hits. If the move were really that bad, Sagat would be able to super Ken for free after taking the all the hits of any strength hurricane. Sagat can’t.

Ken’s hurricane has a similar property as Akuma’s too. If the opponent blocks the very last hit of the hurricane kick, Ken and Akuma are completely safe! Anybody else notice that.? The only bad thing is when the opponent ducks. If you’re facing Sagat, then you’re going to eat duck down, high tiger super, and that really sucks. Against most other characters, the worse you’ll be eating is a d.HP or something as your character hurricanes over the opponent’s character’s head.

Ken’s qcb+k
LK -3/-9
MK -3/-33
HK -3/-41
All versions have two frame startup, 17 frame recovery. Ken is considered airborne 0~31 (LK version).

It may not knock down, but believe me, this move really isn’t that bad. Don’t do it against full metered A-Bison or Sagat that’s all.

i dont really want long ass writing from you, i want you to help post frame data, you dont need to know html, we have programmed an easy to use admin panel.

the book cost around $30… I’m sure everybody here can afford that.

not everyone can understand it, or even order things online.

ive already got tru3ten1 helping with frame data, but id like to have more so it goes by faster. you willing to help, or not?

i can get u frame data, don’t worry about it.

Anyways, ryu is a solid character but the other shotos are definitley more versitile. Ken and akuma have way more damage potential than ryu. Now does that make them better than ryu? no, it all depends on how u play. But imo i think ken and akuma have an edge over ryu

No need to pay $30 when u can get the book for free…from Ino:p

thats right, ken and akuma has an edge over ryu, mainly because of his lack of moves, akuma just has so many to dish out and ken has a few to mix up also but ryu is sorta limitted.

have you ever noticed that ryu’s red fireball cancels out akuma’s red fireball? crazy!:eek:

can someone give me a site to get the book at i tryed at some anime site they wear out of stock can somehelp