Help with small jumps?

I know this is lame, but I’m having trouble gettin a small jump out 100%. I always mess up and get the normal forward jump, or a vertical jump. anyone have any tips on small jumping??

Don’t push the stick all the way just tap it with ur thumb.

VERY VERY VERY EASY Method… Exact opposite of super jumping. Press up, then immediately press down, practice a few times and you will be a pro.

How about on a D-Pad?

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but you need to just be REALLY delicate when tapping that up on the D pad

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bah i gave up trying that on the dpad, its such a pain in the ass to small jump in a certain direction.

I usually just double tap up it works pretty good

Damn straight.

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sj with analog stikc

pretty easy on a d-pad =/ i got the game for dreamcast, u just…tap it =/ its so easy