Help with Spencer move inputs



Hi, I’m a long time UMvC3 player who has just picked up Spencer a few days ago. I’ve gotten some of his effective BnB’s down, but for the life of me, I’m still having trouble doing his wire grapple moves for some reason in specific combos. Such as when I’m trying to do my Spencer/Vergil combo and I go to call the assist and then launch the opponent in the air, I try to do a Wire Grapple H right after the launcher to grab them and bring them back down, but for some reason or another, the game thinks I’m jumping instead and will make Spencer jump in the air and do air Wire Grapple H instead. Same thing for when I try to do an instant bionic bomber from jumping right off the ground. He will just stand there and do a regular launcher sometimes or an armor piercer, but I guess that’s because I have to be wary of the recovery time on his landing. But really, has anyone ever had trouble doing these moves in combos cause it just seems weird just getting the wrong type of move.


You have to cancel the launcher into a tiger knee motion H.

Literally as soon as you press S to launch. Start your down, downforward, forward, upforward, H command. Unlike the tiger knee motion when you bionic bomber, you don’t leave a delay in the H… Or he will just jump.

So to answer your question. This problem occurs often if you do not cancel directly into the grapple or if you and not inputting the buttons quick enough.


Also smaller characters and Wolverine tend to just ignore the H sometimes regardless of what you do.


From Launcher to Wire Grapple H, you are pressing H too late. You have to cancel before the pre-jump frames finish. For the Instant Air Bomber, you are pressing S too early. Vice versa in this situation, allow the jump frames to end.


What he said.