Help with SSF4 TE Stick

Easy peeps.

Been awhile since i posted on here but i got myself a Super Street Fighter 4 TE Stick resently and i wonderd if anyone had any ideas for modded faceplates for it?

I know the SS4 TE stick is the preferd stick for changein designs etc.

So any help??



If you mean you want to add different artwork, but still use same metal plate, then Welcome to Art’s Hobbies is what you’re looking for.

If you mean actually changing the metal plate, then you can eaither get an acrylic (plexiglass) replacement panel from that site, or get a metal replacement panel from here:

Thanks for the advice Nerrage, im still feelin abit confused though.

I have one of these

Are you telling me that the panel is the same size as this one

They look diffrent to me. Or is it just a case that the one above has rounded edges.

They are the same size in facial dimensions. The TE-S revision dropped the white “wings.” It also has a full-panel artwork, which makes it look bigger.

With your TE-S, you must get a madcatz bezel (the red borderline of the Round 1 TE, the second one you pictured), and then you can fit it with any of the panels that are the same size as the original TE. The reason why you need a bezel is because the TE-S uses a full-faced artwork, so no bezel. However, if you remove the top panel, you’ll see there is an indentation where a bezel will fit. You can buy one from madcatz: Arcade Sticks Parts Bezels - GameShark? Store

However, you can skip the bezel if you get a full-face artwork from art’s hobbies. You keep saying switching panel, though. I don’t know if you mean you want to apply custom artwork or actually get a new steel panel.

Fum, The dimensions of the art area are different. I have a SSF4 stick as well (referred to as TE-S on here). On the Art’s Hobbies link above, you’ll actually want the “Mad Catz TE Full Panel Covers”. This will cover the full panel area and you just have to find some art to go underneath it.

I notice you’re UK based (same here) however so you’ll probably find Arts Hobbies shipping rates to be extortionate. Gremlin Solutions is the place for UK arcade parts and while they do a plexi cover, they currently only do one for the TE round 1/round 2 sticks (the 2nd image you posted)

Nice one fellas, your totally answerd my question, i was just confused as ive not seen the first TE stick and i brought mine and they look real diffrent to me.

You guys know if theres a thred on here were people have modded there TE-S sticks? i know theres the thred where people show off there sticks but is there a specific thred?

Its been awhile since i been on here lol

There’s not a specific thread just for TEs. There is the stick thread,

There’s also the TE/SE template thread: