Help with SSFIV AE, please


Hello everyone. I’m writing to ask for help on better learning this game.

Here’s the situation: I’ll be attending my first tournament in a month and I need to get better by then. Of course I’m not asking to become a top player in this interim, but I think I really need to improve my game. I’m not really a complete scrub; I know what footsies and zoning are and can use them, albeit not on an advanced level. I know the basic stuff, although I wouldn’t mind going through the fundamentals again.

Right now I’m torn between maining either Ryu or Dudley. I’ve been reading the stuff on this site for the past several days now and there’s a lot of good info, but I don’t know what to learn first. There’s just so much material and no script, so to speak, on what to learn first. Do I first review their frame data and learn some option selects, or do I first learn about match-ups?

Also, unfortunately, I can’t play online and there’s pretty much no one around me I can play with. So I’m pretty much on my own. Any tips on how to somehow circumvent that?

Thanks a lot for the attention and patience. I look forward to being a part of this community.



As long as you can’t play online or with local people on a regular basis, you will never get to a decent skill level. Training mode only gets you so far and won’t let you make a play style or a game plan. Theres nothing anyone can say here that will substitute for in game experience which you sound to be lacking.


why can’t you play online? You seem to have internet :wink:


Focus on matchup specifics, as well developing a very solid and safe style of play. It’s better to play as the surgeon who picks and chooses their points of attacks and various ranges, as opposed to someone who just wants to press buttons.

You can’t play online, and you have no local competition, so I honestly have no idea how you’ve going to level up. Your best bet is to stay to practicing setups and combos in training mode, and/or playing against the computer at the hardest difficulty. However, none of this is really going to prepare you well against any decent opponent, since the pvp aspect of FGs is extremely important.


While having 100% execution can be attained through training mode the real undenyable skill in FGs come from how to handle other people. Online isn’t a great learning place most times but that isn’t to say it has no value.


just learn to zone with ryu and you will beat a good chunk of people, not exaggerating at all either, most people just make really dumb mistakes and have bad fundamentals. you dont need anything fancy yet


When I was starting out I was in the same situation, if anything training offline first a lot helps your game a lot, however the AI will never respond how a real player will so that will hinder your game significantly. If you’re going straight from never really playing real players properly to a tournament situation I don’t think you’ll do very well unfortunately, but what you can do is learn each character’s most damaging moves/combos and the situations that will prompt them and the appropriate punishes that your character has. A good knowledge of match-ups is a great thing to have when starting out.


If you can only practice in training mode, your best bet is to play Viper and get her execution down. She needs to “play” the least.
Other than that, I’m curious as to why you’re unable to play online?