Help with stick art requirements

I have the measurements for the stick…

anything else I need? Like a template? My stick is going to from Finkle…

Still deciding on an image…I’ll update when I find one.

Sorry for sounding like such a nub though. :sweat:


the only real requirements i would think anyone would want are:

  1. measurements
  2. template
  3. be really specific on what you want. it’d make it so much easier for people to make that art for you that way.

good communication between you and the artist would be great as well. that way, you can tell them if you like a certain aspect or not, and then they can fix it without too much trouble.

Much love, Streak. Thanks for the info.


it’s cool, man. you just want the transaction to be as smooth as possible. less hassle is always better. :tup: