Help with Stick artwork. Poses, pictures, plans

Hey I just wanted to ask if anybody could get me some high res (doesn’t have to be anything super ridiculous) screen shots of the following poses.

Cammy-Alt1 outfit, doing her win pose where she turns her back to you and then turns around and puts her hand on her waist.
Ken Alt2 outift doing stand roundhouse (there’s a specific frame where he looks like he’s gonna do shippu jinraikyaku, that’d be the one I want)
Akuma Alt1 outfit doing his number 5 taunt, 7 taunt
Viper Alt 2 outfit doing taunt 3/2 (the one where she nods her hed
Makoto Alt 2 outfit doing the taunt where she pats the floor while kneeling
Sagat Alt 2 doing his overhead
Chun Alt 1 (not the last color) doing stand forward(far)
Guy reg cost (does he have a taunt/pose where he hangs/shakes his head as if in dissapointment
Cody Alt 1 outfit when he goes to sleep on the floor
Ibuki reg costume doing her back strong, back forward, overhead, cr. fierce, forward short
Sakura reg outfit doing stand short, shouken, haru ichiban
Zangief … don’t even worry aBOUT IT i got thiss one already
Vega doesn’t matter just have him about to do super/ultra (i.e. on the wall about to strike)