Help with stinger xx teleport timing?

So I’m trying to learn a basic Dante BNB, but it seems like when I get the otg stinger bold cancel teleport, its always too late and the S after the teleport never connects. Am I doing it to slow, or does it not work on certain characters?

Sorry if this has been asked before but I didn’t wanna sift through 2k posts in the general thread.Thanks in advance for the help.

Thanks for that, I saw that thread and guess I could’ve posted my question in there… but my problem isn’t that I can’t get the teleport, it’s that when I do its like Dante is too high above them and the S doesn’t connect, it probably works like 50% of the time, the rest of the time they drop out and I get punished. I was just curious if it was due to the way I do the combo or if it has something to do with spacing on screen or what?

It seems like it drops more if I do the teleport when I’m in the corner. I know I should just do a regular cancel to S if theyre in the corner anyways, but I was trying to use the teleport version so I had the muscle memory

It doesnt work if you are in the corner.
But as for midscreen, Try teleporting faster and press the S immediately after you appear from teleporting.
Everything should work after that.

Ah thanks man, that’s definitely why then. I still drop it a little bit from midscreen but it was mostly in the corner. I’ll just have to practice and get the timing tighter and it should be good to go :]

Yeah in the corner most do stinger to bold move then either S or sky dance. No teleport needed in the corner.

Try this. If your BnB doesn’t already utilize a ground bounce, do Volcano > Bee Hive > Cold Shower > Stinger. This will make the opponent bounce off the wall higher, which means you will tp higher giving you more time to land the S or Hammer.

i’m pretty new to plinking technique… just learned about all of this 18 hours ago… but from my observation… :f: :h: :d: :h: ~ :s: :d: :s: allows me to stinger teleport alot easier than :d: :s: ~ :h: :d: :s:

never mind i just realized that using :m: instead of :h: brings my success with stinger teleport to 100% LOL