Help with Street Fighter TE Fightstick Round 2 [PS3]


Hey guys,
so I recently upgraded my PC and tried to use my stick but it didn’t register any inputs.
I have an ASUS H97-Pro Gamer motherboard (intel chipset).


moving to tech talk


What os?


@“Trouble Brewing” Thanks

Windows 10 64Bit


Try these
Also try switching between usb ports


already tried that including switching ports - didn’t work


PCB in not compatible, replace PCB


Which one should I get and which shop offers shipping to Germany?


Any current PCB on the market with PS3 will work, as for shipping to Germany, you’ll have to do some homework on your own.


For Windows 10, make sure you install Direct X 9.0c, it include necessary files that for some reason left out of Direct x 12 (it will not over write X12, it only add to it what it should of had from the start).


Sadly it is still not working.
I don’t really know much about PCBs so if there really is no other option I would appreciate if someone could recommend me one.


Quick question, whats your PC’s Processor.
Intel or AMD?




Did you read whats on the URL FR0STBIT3 gave you?

It details a compatibility issue with UCHI devices with non-intel chipsets. UCHI is a USB protocol that proprietary to Intel.
Odds are if you have non-intel processor (such as AMD) you will not have a intel chipset for your mother board.

Assuming your mother board chipset is Intel the Round 1 and Round 2 Mad Catz Street Figther IV TE figth stick for the PS3 would work.
You need to use USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 ports only. It not work with USB 3.0.

If you do not have a Intel Chipset on your motherboard you need one of the following
A. a PCI USB expansion card that is UHCI compliant. If the expansion card is USB 3.0 It will not work.
B. Replace the PCB (printed circuit board) inside your TE with a board that would be PC compatible, example would be the Toodles Cthulhu, PS360+ and the Zero Delay PCB.


Just checked with CPU-Z what kind of protocol my 2.0 ports use(?) and it turns out it’s EHCI. I’m not sure if I understood the other forum correct but that should work, right?
And if so why is it not working? :confused:


No, it will not work. If your board does not support UCHI your TE will not work on your PC.


So the Zero Delay PCB just arrived but there is a new problem. There are no instructions whatsoever and I don’t know anything about the wiring :confused:


Okay nevermind just tried it a little and now it works :slight_smile: but now the joystick is inverted


Undo the restrictor plate, and rotate the PCB of the JLF, and reassemble.