Help with strider/doom

hey ive actually been playin for a while now but not too seriously until recently…and with school and all i havent gotten much play in at all recently…i usually mess around with mag based teams, but wanted to give strider/doom a shot…ive messed with it a little and understand the basics my main concern is combos…as in wats good for damage…i guess flashy combos can b kinda nice too:D … anywayz i was also wondering about this specific combo that i saw in a clockwork match video once (dont remember opponent) where strider hits the opponent, rocks connect, then strider combos off the rocks in the air…i asked about this on another thread but never got a reply…any help would b appreciated…thanx a lot

As for the basic damaging combos you can do launch, lp, lp, lp excalibur which does some good damage for strider .
Another you can try is launchxxDoom teleport, throw, then air combo. This can probibly be the one you saw in the clockw0rk video .
As for flashy combos strider isn’t a winner in this category but you can try double jump combos and his AC reset .

Just…Experiment :smiley:

yeah, with what all the rushdown characters can do, strider can never beat them on flashiness or combos.

strider/doom is a team designed to win, but unfortunately it’s not very stylish at it.

mag is always in your face cuz that’s how he wins. by RTSDing. that by itself is already impressive and flashy to watch.

what does S/D to? ha ho ho ho ha ho doom teleport ho ha ho ho ha ha ho wolf orbs ho ha ho ho ho ha ho ho doom teleport ho ho ha ho ho ho…hmmm seems repetitive to me!

and as for combos…i’ve never really worked much on combos because i find the way doom’s rocks makes it very hard to consistently combo off of them. about the only fancy thing i do after a connected orbs…is just call sent-g or storm-a and have that hit right after orbs is done, and launch into a lp lp lk qcf+lp.

the sad part is that the dj combos do less damage because of damage scaling so it’s not even worth the extra effort and ‘flashiness’

yes, but the whole point of it is to build meter for another round of the trap

which vid are u talkin about?

sorry…i had some comp troubles a while back, and the vid i had on my comp got deleted and i cant remember…
thanx for all the help so far…got a couple more qs now though…
i while ago i was readin about evo and some move that clockwork pulled out usin strider that was so fast it seemed unblockable…im sorry im not bein very specific but i cant seem to remember it…mayb an overhead slash? info on that would b nice…
and my other q would b- so r double jump combos worth doin? i understand that because of damage scaling they dont do much more damage than the normal air combo (launch, magic, excalibur) but does it help build meter that much? thanx for the info…

personally i would just do the normal sj combo, rather than possibly screwing it up trying to dj and building a little bit more meter. i think the extra meter built is neglible.

the double jump combos arent entirely useless. although the damage is actually less than simply doing jab,jab excalibur, many times i’ll do double jump combos to build alittle extra meter if i need it

how do you do his dj combo? is it lp, lk, lp (wait) then dj?

whered you get the vid from burn?

Striders DJ combo (that I do):

launch, lp, lk, lp, lk, pause, lk, dj, lp, lk, lp, lk, lp excalibur.

the first set of magic series is done fast right?

again, im sorry, but i had comp troubles and lost the vid…perhaps if i look around websites some more i can find it…sorry…

wow… 9 months after creating this thread, i started rereading the strider threads and almost created a new thread asking for help… funny how that happens… :lol:

so anywayz… i went back to my rushdown stuff, and then i went to low tier messing around, but now i wana give s/d a more fair shot… last time i dont think i really got it, but i feel like i understand the game better as a whole now, so mayb i can play this team better…

first of all, id like to say that im really tired, and im sick of reading threads right now, so yes, i know i could prob find some o the info i wanted in other threads, but im just going to ask it here anywayz :smiley:

i need help with the trap… mayb its cuz ive only seen a vid or 2 of s/d being played, but i have HUGE gaps to the point where its not a trap at all… although i can blame some of this on bad habits (lp, lk, c. hp- stupid magneto) i think its more than that…

my basic ground string is lp, lk, mp, mk, tiger right? and of course cancel tiger to orbs if im going into the trap… when should i b calling doom during this? i think i once read to call doom around the lk and then towards the end of the orbs, is this right?

also… i notice sometimes my opponent can get away really easily- does this happen to every1? assuming it does, wats the best way to close distance- dashing/jumping with assist cover, or teleporting…

which brings me to teleporting- i seem to get hit a lot when i come out of a teleport, so should i only b teleporting when theyre in blockstun due to an assist?

finally, the third character- i assume sent is still best, can some1 confirm this?

thanx a lot for putting up with this… :lol:

Try catching them between Doom and yourself for maximum block damage. When they are traped, there is no way in hell they’re supposed to escape. They can move, but the point is to keep them locked down anyway you can.
Calling out Doom toward the end of the orbs is the prime time since it will keep them blocking. You can also use Doom during the orbs in certain occasions to keep them locked down if needed. The point I’m trying to make is, use Doom rocks when you feel is the right time that they won’t be able to escape.

With teleport you should try to stay on them if they try anything funny like pushblocking. also use it as a way to try getting them between you and Doom. Teleporting really has only a little lag at the end and I do mean little. Getting hit is not something uncommon, but you have to know what to exapect and what to do comming down from a teleport so you’ll get hit less. Teleporting should be used alot durring a match to get in on your opponent whether they’re in blockstun or not, but the main thing is not to get predictable with your teleports which ends up in a bad scenario against opponents such as Cable, Sent, etc.

thanx… i tryed s/d a little today, but unfortunately, i was playing a guy whos msp is… well… a little too fast for me to pin down right now… my strider was gone b4 i could blink… :lol: