Help with super parrying

How do you parry super arts??Like when do you tap forward?

As soon as it activates.

Depends on what super it is. So far it’s been believed that for supers with 2-frame startup or less, the parry has to be done before the freeze. Anything more and it can be done after. Non-charge inputs aren’t recognized during the freeze, and if you parry before it, freak out, and attempt it again after the freeze, you’ll dash.

A common example of a 2-framer is shippu. Some people have said that it can be parried after the flash, but I’ve been playing 3S for a long time and have never done that unless I previously parried a move that was cancelled into it (side note: why is there even a discrepancy??). But according to the system mechanics thread, a ground-to-ground parry has a window of 10 frames, so I wonder if that means you can parry a 9-frame super before the flash as long as you don’t press anything in between.

Edit: ok, I just realized that this post is useless to a new person. Fast super (shippu, most uppercuts, close range supers) = parry before the freeze. Slower supers with noticeable delay (projectile supers, supers that take time to travel toward you) = parry after the freeze. A broad generalization but should work more often than not.

hmm is chun-li’s super(number 2[kicks]) fast or slow??

For Chun Li’s SAII, you will need to parry before the freeze.

actually no its after the freeze


hmm i cant get to parry even one hit of chun-li’s SAII…I cant get how to parry before the freeze. Can you parry during the freeze?

SA2 can be parried after the flash, you’ve got 2 frames for that…
Same with Ken SA3 but with only one frame…

Though, it’s not really useful as nobody should do it without cr.MK or something else…

I think for the Chun one, after the flash is what I did when I blocked a cr.MK and red parried the first hit of it. Because I know for a fact I didn’t even think about tapping forward before he cancelled the cr.MK.

Edit: I just remembered Nica KO has also done this to me before, he should remember.

if you watch daigo’s parry video you’ll notice once he’s chippable he taps forward anytime justin does anything and that he tapped forward right before the super flash which then turned into a parry

i don’t know how much leeway he would have had if he hadn’t done that since justin was so far away when he activated the super but if he had any it was very small

Practice in parry training and imitate how the computer parries. Different for each super and not even worth attempting on some.

Actually I was messing with it this morning, Idk I was bored and decided to mess around and whoop the cpu.

Anyways its both. Before is easier if you see its coming I guess but you’ll rarely see it coming like that. After the Flash the best way to find the timing is to hold back and the second your character lifts his arms to block, THATS the timing you hit forward.

-For those who care

you have to parry the super when the super comes out

Iv’e only been able to parry It after the flash when I’m miles away.

I get two parrys, The third kick misses then It messses up the timing end you get screwed over.

I did some more testing today, and I’m 100% on the fact that if you’re at a distance you need to do it after, and if you’re point blank you need to do it before.

no, when the super comes out you have to parry the super