Help with tackle x3 into headbutt on PS2



Cause I am supremely board with the low ass execution wall of SSF4, I’ve gone back to 3S to try to learn some of the things I gave up on years ago.

One of these is mk tackle x2, into either mk or lk tackle, into headbutt off a cr hp on shoto’s.

Ive been trying this for a while on Ps2 and can;t seem to do it, I can do it on arcade about 50% of the time. Obviously this is only a just for flash combo, but is it even possible for a human to do on ps2? I know the game is slightly faster but does that also apply to the charge times, meaning charge times are slightly shorter? from what I’m experiancing this doesnt seem to be the case meaning you have the same time to charge as arcade but faster moves which might make some combos eg: this one, impossible?

tldr: Can anyone here do cr. hp, mk tackle, mk tackle, mk/lk tackle, headbutt on shoto’s on Ps2?


I can do TTH just fine…I’ll give this a shot.


Yes this is possible.