Help with Taokaka Torpedo

Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to this game, and is a great one, I’m actually playing alot with tsubaki, she’s my favorite character to play

Anyway, I had a problem with a friend, with tsubaki I could beat any character that he uses except taokaka, and that’s because

  1. I can’t predict his multiple claws attacks (a thing that was dp + any button)
  2. Always spam me with the fucking torpedo, it’s a shame that I can’t beat a guy who only uses the D button

Anyway, in the last match before he dropped, I started to figure out that using 2C after I defend the first torpedo, was effective thanks that was almost the only normal that was not countered by the torpedo

Anyway, I need to learn how to fight it better, I now a lot of bnb combos and my only problem is approaching to this taokaka to connect them

And btw, under my avatar there is my gamertag, I will like to play to practise more if anyone wants

This matchup experience is all kinds of silliness because Tsubaki is low tier. And, for your information, it is not an overstatement. I believe this match is 3.5/6.5 in Taokaka’s favor for more reasons than I can count taunt loops.

Tactic #1: Jump

  • Tsubaki is ONLY a threat when she is up close and personal. Prevent her from mashing 50/50s by jumping. You might be asking, “is it that easy?” The answer, “YES!” replies Ginseng while in rage mode.

Tactic #2: Damage

  • Even IF Tsubaki is close, she will always - always - do less damage than you. Her avg bnb without charge is 1.8k and 5k max off of meaties into Tsubaki-install mode. Tao’s pokes and bnb do more damage…much more.

Tactic #3: Reversal Options

  • Tsubaki HAS to play high risk to get average BnB damage. Whether it’s an overhead, or unblockable setups, you can easily beat those options by IB -> reversal super/gold burst. Even if you don’t have meter, then IB any meaties and punish with 2a.

Tactic #4: 2a

  • You can shut down Tsubaki by mashing 2a. Why? Cause 2a is faster. Even if it wasn’t faster, the worse that’ll happen is that you’ll trade hits. Speaking of which…

Tactic #5: Trading hits

  • Trading hits stops Tsubaki’s pressure. You CAN trade hits with her reversal DP. I know it sounds silly, but trading hits with Tsubaki is actually a good thing. For example, 6c trade hits with a DP. She gets knocked down while you’re in hit stun. You get a free okizeme game and a potential tech punish.

Tactic #6: Mobility > Rushdown

  • Taokaka drive attacks make it hard for Tsubaki to catch you. And since Taokaka’s jump drive c. cancel give her + frames on block, you can always mash it and not get punished for using it. On the contrary, you can punish Tsubaki if she tries to poke you after she blocks the j.d~c.

I can make the list go on till hell freezes over, but the ONLY way a Tsubaki player will win is either: (1) the person playing Taokaka is a…well, you know or (2) knows the match-up better. With that said, have fun.

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Wow, thanks, seems like a really hard match up, I will keep trying anyway

One more thing, there is a tier list of CS?

Horizontal listing means nothing, as with most tier lists.

S: Litchi, Bang, Ragna
A: Arakune, Hakumen, Carl
B: Lambda, Hazama, Taokaka, Jin, Mu
B-: Tager, Noel
C+: Tsubaki
C: Rachel

Expanded (and updated) from the most recent Arcadia list based on general opinion.
Makoto is too new to be listed, but she looks to be B tier.

Lol, the drives get predictable, learn to see the startup, then counter effectively, start with Anti-airs and work your way to DPs. Tao also has the lowest health in the game, lowest guard primer in the game, and NO wakeup DPs (except for her supers) take advantage of her weak wakeup game. Other than that just learn the blockstrings and the gaps. I’m not sure what you mean by “multiple claw” attack but Pretty much anything Tao does can be IB -> DP’d