Help with TE stick on dreamcast emulator

Im currently using a emulator that doesn’t support joysticks so I downloaded joy2key. So far Ive got the buttons down but i cant get the computer to register the joystick movements… Any idea how to get it do work?

Did you bind the joystick movements to keyboard letters then assign the keyboard letters to the direction input in the emulator ?

Thats the problem. I can bind all 6 attack buttons, the select/start yet I can’t get the program to bind the joystick.

I also have a graphics problem. its not serious but in MVC2, the words in the menu of training mode and the “recommended” word when choosing assist types come out all jumbled anything know whats wrong?

Its been a while but i think you have to set the stick movements to joyhat or something its what i had to do with vanguard princess.

Perhaps your stick is set to DPad and you binded it to Right/left stick, or vice versa?

Well I have no idea what the stick is set to at the moment. Is there a way to check? I set joy2key up left down right to the arrows on the keyboard and the game itself i put analog and digital to the arrow keys as well…

Also what is joyhat?

You need to enable POV hats, and then bind those to your arrow keys.