Help with Team Synergy :: Characters (PC)


(Posting this here as I feel it’s a lot more related to SFxT on the whole rather then in the Dojo.)

Howdy, quite recently (around 3 weeks maybe now) I posted a thread in the dojo about picking a character for SSFIV:AE, got some quite good replies and all was well. Then me and my friend (basically the main person I play with on this all the time) decided to get SFxT as we could play as Tag partners. And while the netcode is still pretty lame on the PC (The amount of lag is quite unreal in most cases) we’ve been having fun, some ups and downs an all. But what our main problem has been is choosing characters that actually synergize with our playstyles and team.

In SSFIV:AE I played Balrog/Sagat (ultimately) and he played Cody/Juri(ultimately), I played a much more defensive zoning oriented Balrog, and he played a much more rushdown style of cody.

Moving to SFxT we haven’t really been able to find many characters that attribute to that style.

===TL : DR Section===
[S]Before the long wall of text appears and you go blind. Basically what we’re looking for, is a character with a strong Zoning and Anti-Air game (Can’t stress the Anti-Air enough at the moment…) as a Point, preferably a meter builder as well. And an Anchor who’s main strength is dealing damage of a Launcher and being able to continue with the pressure.[/S]

I’m playing Steve on Anchor now, So we need a good Point/Meter builder who’s has nice rushdown pressure.

Also please take note that this is on the PC version of SFxT, currently on version 1.02, with no DLC insight yet (but hopefully in september…) And we’re Complete Beginners at this stuff, my execution is good, but my close-up is horrible, where as my friends execution is [S]somewhat okay[/S](Uses SE Input gems). but for some reason he’s quite good at [S]his close-up/jump game[/S] Spamming specials
===TL: DR Section===

Onto the wall:

[S]I’ve been playing Sagat mostly. (I like to play Steve for fun as I love boxing but rushdown is so not my playstyle) And while his style isn’t to bad I find his zoning department… lacking… for lack of a better word, It’s probably due to SFxT’s poor damage on every single fireball, but I just don’t feel like I’m actually pressuring them with a zoning game, because SFxT’s jump in’s seem much more deadly and safe, I rarely get more then 1 fireball off before they just start jumping, I’ve gotten okay at TU it but After 50 seconds of me landing fireballs and uppercuts. and they’re at half health only to miss one uppercut and just get rolled, He’s still the character I’ve had most success with, (that’s mainly through mashing Ex TU on wake up because apparently with lag no one on PC ever sits back and blocks, and even then it’s still a 50-50 on if i hit or they get me with a kick before mine connected… Anyway)[/S]
[S]But I’m just looking for a character with a little more damage on his zoning game and be a bit more safer on his AA game. If there isn’t and that’s just how it is then I guess I’ve already got my character, but I’d still like to hear peoples points. (as a point, i don’t like Dhalsim, and I don’t mind playing charge characters, just throwing this out there)[/S]
I’ve found a character I have a lot of fun with (Steve) and I’m using him, I’m not having to much trouble with his Zoning game anymore as I’ve found some neat little tricks. Now it’s just my friend who needs help.

My friend has been playing Akuma mostly, also swapping between Juri [S]and Abel[/S] also, (Juri ATM on PC(patch 1.02) is just retarded, spamming dive kicks win you the match as they’re safe on block and deal a truckload of damage. but he’s not really into winning that cheaply believe it or not…) and loves rushdown characters who are Relatively safe at what they do, but also good at taking risks and getting a reward from it, (Oh and also doing retarded Super Arts with no apparent reason other then “IF I HIT THIS… IT’LL BE LEGEN…wait for it… DARY”), but doesn’t like to cross-up that much(although could be persuaded to).[S] His Abel has been getting better, but that’s mainly due to EX (Air grab?) being so good as an Anti-Air and people never stop jumping. And he just feels that Abel as a whole can’t close the distance as safe as he’d like (even with dc),[/S] Gave up on Abel
He’s basically looking for a character with 1-A good/safe gap-closer with some nice options on mix-ups 2-A good/alright Oki/Wake-up game. 3-Good damage potential from [S]combos[/S]/specials/[S]punishes[/S] and uses their meter well, but it isn’t used as a crutch. (Also. Note from him. “HE/SHE HAS TO LOOK BADASS/SEXY. IF THEY LOOK STUPID. I AINT USING THEM.”)

I understand the game hasn’t even been fully developed yet, and new things are found every day(?) But it’d be nice to get some opinions on this, feel free to leave any type of comment. Explanations on why would also be appreciated

Also I do realize that in some of my points, I pretty much may have just asked for the perfect character which may not exist(Safe gap closer with nice options on mixups/oki/wake-ups, with good damage potencial that uses their meter well but isn’t used as a crutch may be asking a bit Too much) But any characters with something in them that’s like this would be a good suggestion,

So that’s everything, thanks in advance for taking the time to read/post here. I realize it may have been a bit excessive but hey, it’s what I do.

Update: I’ve found myself a character in Steve, He’s not what I was looking for initially but I can do alright zoning and I just love Boxing so, he’s a blast to play. Now my friend needs help, although sadly I don’t think there’s a character in SFxT who can spam specials all day and win…


Lol…try actually going into each characters sub thread and soak up info, and try them out in the wild(online/offline). This is something hands on rather there being a clear cut answer for as this is a matter of preference unless your tier whoring. Seriously too many people ask this same tired as question, and there is no cut and dry answer for it.

Alot of clues would draw you towards Chun, Raven, Juri and well Ryu for both Zoning and Anti-air…but since you said you use Rog/Sagat, you should stick to your guns.


This is currently what we’re doing now, I’m more of the forum whore, reading about frame data and what not, and he plays more. We’re not really tier whoring, For one Tiers in fighting games are usually Bull, and we’re on patch 1.02 not 1.04 so some things change, still… winning isn’t the be all and end all, We’d play Ryu/Rufus if it was… it’s to have fun and actually feel like we’re controlling a character that fits us rather then something that doesn’t. I’ve tried Rog in SFxT and I really dislike him, Cr.jab isn’t as good (shock horror…) but mainly it’s the lack of damage done from normals, usually a good jab jab medium rh combo took a good chunk of life off, now it barely scratches. plus his AA’s seem weaker… I don’t mind sticking to Sagat in a way, but He just feels week in his zoning game overall, then again I’m coming from SFFIV:AE so going from a game where his zoning is quite good. to a game where Gief can Actually survive your zoning…

We’re not looking for a clear cut answer, more looking for clues or some nice “rundowns” of a character, 1 thread I remember had one guy talking about how a certain character is X and has a good XX game but has some weakness with XXX, and that type of rundown just helped.

Personally I’ve tried Raven, didn’t like him at all. even if he’s considered quite high tier… Chun li was a character I liked in SF and haven’t had much play with her here but I will be trying her. I could pretty much list off people I’ve tried… out of the (38?) characters I’ve tried about… 15, and maybe 8 of them were zoning characters.

I realize a lot of people ask this question, but some ask it because they’re new and want a quick fix on how to win… I just want to be able to play the game with a character that’s right for me, I may already have 1 in Sagat, but I’d also like to hear opinions on Team’s/other characters with a similar playstyle.

On a note: Jin seems quite good as a zoning character but his AA game for me sucks on reaction. and I did also play Guile just a bit in SSFIV, And I(can’t right now but I will when i get the time) am going to try him out. but there’s not to much on the sub-forum about him, there’s really only like 7 characters that everyone plays… Rolento Rufus and Ryu to name a few… So that’s where you’d find most of the info. For some others there isn’t as much.


Jin actually has pretty good AA and once you get Mental Alertness :lk: down, you can convert it into a full combo or even a switch cancel juggle(same with CH Cr. :hp: ). Jin has an unorthodox yet rather interesting(and effective against certain characters) Zoning game. Jin’s Rushdown is where he shines those with good high low tools and a mid or two for his somewhat limited mixup game(using his Special Step rising uppercut and Sweep are great tools to use), however you can do some really creative setups with him especially with his power stance.
Jin is a character you have to put some work into though to get great damage but he is a very versatile character, plus from personal experience…hes a blast to play.

just know that wanting a crapton of info is kinda taxing on a poster so don’t expect a whole hell of alot of people to give you 3-4 paragraphs worth of knowledge…that’s why i said it’s best to look in the threads because it maybe already there you know~ anyways before someone calls me an asshole~ im out.


No one will call you an asshole :), Your info was actually useful, I’d not experimented with MA a lot, it’s quick to come out as an AA but for some reason I can’t quite seem to cancel out of it. (the whole EX Power stance xx MA stuff)
I’m not looking for a Crapton. just a simple explanation will do :slight_smile: I do agree Jin is a blast to play, His zoning game is quite unique in that you can mixup where you actually put his fireball, and in some cases burn meter for people who are indecisive. Personally I never experimented enough with MA besides some basic stuff and that might draw me a little back, I have real trouble with Air in this game, Steves counter cross was a god-send. so if Jins MA could be something like that, it’d be quite nice.

Also just going to say Thank you for pointing out Raven again, I’ll have to look into his anti-air game, but for some apparent reason his spinny knifes weren’t so appealing before i found out how Sagat’s fireballs were, so I’ll defiantly look into him again. as being able to throw Air fireballs horizontally may just be a good Air-to-air way of sorting things out.

Thanks for the posts. And sorry If my reply seem’d in any way hostile, i just like to bounce back and fourth.


Ahh its cool…it just last time someone asked for help i was called an asshole because they 1 asked a vauge team synergy question. 2 i didnt post 3-4 paragraphs worth of very vauge bs to cover said vauge question…ehh you cant win them all…

But yes get used to jin MA and stuff…he really shines when you can confirm a link into stuff because you’ll notice alot of option u have afterwards. Once u can on reaction MA jump kick…your almost there haha! Thanks for the feed back tho~


The problem I may have is To many options xD. But yeah he does seem quite nice, I haven’t even thought about going from a normal hit confirm into MA. but I can see how it may be useful. But god dayum MA JK on reaction is hard.


This is your answer.

Play who you have fun with and you will see the best results(not to mention have the most FUN which is the whole idea!!)

Also…Welcome to PC SFxT…Looking forward to getting some games in! Feel free to add my name as a friend, I usually play late past 9pm


That’d be nice. What area are you in? Currently playing against anyone who isn’t in the Europe region just gives to much lag so i’m slightly avoiding things like Endless(not that there is that many…).

And I may just do that. I have fun with quite a lot of characters, it’s just zoning characters seem to be what I like better, I’ve actually tried to play Steve as a pure zoning character, it’s not to bad but anyone with better normals just kills you. :frowning:


I am east coast USA, yea if you have fun with Steve, then stick by him, it will pay off later, so many players like to think the grass is greener with other characters but if it is fun(and SFxT is more fun than AE for me) then you are already winning.