Help with team: Wolv, Thor, Ryu

Hey guys, I’m new to Srk. I’ve been visiting the site for a few months now but I finally decided to get serious about the games, so I figured the first step would be to sign up and start posting. I’ve been playing SSF4 for a while (haven’t gotten AE yet), and I’m trying to get into Marvel.

So here’s my question. I wanna base my team around Wolverine, Thor, and Ryu. What order should my team be in and what kind of strategies should I use? Should I leave the order the same? Should I play a straight up rundown style, or more defensive?Things of that nature.

I’m open to suggestions, and I suck but anyone can add me to get some matches going. XBLGT is the same as my name here.

That order is fine. I’d suggest looking into Huk and Akuma, instead of Thor and Ryu, though. Thor and Ryu aren’t to great in this game.

Marvel is an offensive game. Every team should be able to mount a good offense, because in this game, if you aren’t hitting them, you are blocking. The more time you’re on offense, the less time you’re on defense.

Thor doesn’t really need meter so he’s pretty good as the first character. Then again Wolverine doesn’t really need it either and Wolverine is simple to play even at beginner level (which Thor isn’t).

By having Wolverine on point, you could help his game by choosing Mighty Spark assist for Thor. It’s a really slow starting projectile but I guess it’s better than Hadoken at what is does. For Ryu you should pick Tatsumaki for combo purposes. This team would be geared to fit Wolverine and the only way to play with Wolverine is blistering rushdown. If you get him killed your offense will be pretty much dead too.

Thor on point, Thor doesn’t really gain anything from Wolverine’s assists. I can only say that you shouldn’t pick Tornado Claw, just go experimental. For Ryu I think Hadoken might be good because Thor’s projectile is really slow and he needs at least some support to get in on the opponent. Tatsu might still be a good choice too. I think you should focus on calmer play with Thor on point, annoy the opponent with projectiles (not super effective), take it slow and punish accordingly. When Thor and Wolverine comes in you should switch to all rushdown. If Wolverine happens to die you should focus on defensive play and punish any mistakes with Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken.

Honestly speaking the team sounds kinda bad, but anyone can do damage in this game. Just find the ways you can DHC and get your combos down. Thor has some nice resets and Wolverine is a mixup/crossup monster while Ryu mostly just deals great damage without being that awesome…