Help with teams

Hi i have recently been trying to get a team together but i don’t know who to put in i like ryu ken sagat kyo terry and my friends says i am good with blanka but i don’t like charging up his moves i was wondering if u guys could give me a hand

What? no chicks on your team?

Groove man; pick a groove first.


the only girl i like is king yuri (but i think she is too slow) and sakura but i prefare the people i says first. I always go c groove i am not new to the game but i just started wantin to have a proper team that i always go if u know what i mean

K-Groove : Ken, Kyo, Sagat (2)

The team won’t play itself, though. You gotta work.

K groove ???

I don’t like the k groove i only like i c groove because of it air block

K groove ???

just so you know, air block in C groove is nothing like air blocking in mvc2.

I need help on buildin’ a team as well, I wanna wrap it up wit’ maybe a r2 or r1 Haohmaru in A or K groove and i want a leadin’ off battery character r1 either Vega or Mai, my brother says I should use Ken since I’m so good and scrubby wit him. Advice? any opinions, suggestions

K groove ???

You should’nt jump to much in cvs2 it will get you killed. K groove is the bestest in my opinion, it’s the groove I play with.

K groove = the POWAH.

Re: K groove ???

Air block in this game only works when your opponent is hitting you while they’re on the ground. And you can’t airblock supers/CCs. If you’re playing C-groove, you want to be using it for roll, dash, and level-2 super cancels.

Instead of airblock, you can Just Defend things in K-groove. K-groove also provides run and small jump. And the characters you listed can all rock out pretty good in K.

Re: Re: K groove ???

You can airblock CCs fine. That’s why there are air guardbreak CCs. And chicken guarding is an elite tactic with C-Groove. Air block owns.

c-Kyo/Ken/Sagat-2 sounds like a pretty nasty team, you can switch ken and kyo around tho

A-Mai and A-Vega are good batteries which is the importance of your lead character on an a-groove team

i would definately say c ken, kyo, and (r2)sagat. Thats a very good team.

O and whoever said you can’t block airattacks in c, your wrong. Too many times i’ve jumped and attacked a c - groover in the air they block, land first and smack me. Air block is very nice, one of the most annoying things about c imo.

you’ve got it backwards. If the move is off the ground you can block it, on the ground you can’t.


thats what I meant to say.


Thats easy

C Groove

Terry/Ken/2 Sagat

Terry is a good leadoff character for C Groove where you can utilize his full zoning abilities and build bar like crazy.

Ken is a bonafied demi god in C Groove

Sagat is Sagat

Thats one pretty close to top tier team that can tear up anything right there.

I use C- Ken, ryu, Sagat 2.

Beast team :slight_smile:

Why are you telling this dude to use C-Ken? He’s freaking hard to use to even make him upper mid tier. You have to have EXTREMELY solid footsies, pretty much 100% RC Lk Funky Kick execution, and solid mind games.

Because the guy is a beast thats why. He doesnt really take any more skill to play then someone not named Cammy Blanka Sagat.

This is epsilon_ posting, and what are you talking about? C-Ken takes WAY more skill than CBS. Those c.shorts are hard to land in high level play.

It’s not like there’s only one way to play ken.

Besides, who are you to be tellin other people who not to use?

personally I like using C- Cammy \ Sagat \ Guile-2, It works pretty solid