Help with Teching/Late Teching


This is a really rudimentary question, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips concerning learning when to see throw tech opportunities. I’ve heard people say to wait till the last second to do it (late tech) but I still can never seem to identify the opportunities until its too late. Any help would be greatly appreciated


I recently learned that teching a throw while crouching and teching a throw while standing, have slightly different timing. When teching while crouching, I’m pretty sure you have to delay the tech slightly. When standing, try to hit it at the exact same time as your opponent. Hope that helps


Never tech throw when the opponent jump at you! Instead of a tech throw you out low kick or maybe medium punch. And then the opponent can punish you very easily. Only tech throw when opponent has landed and he begins a block string.


thanks a lot guys, this stuff is all helpful


The timing isn’t different at all. The difference is that if you crouch tech to early, your comes out and you get thrown out of it. If you stand tech to early, you get a throw, and they tech it.