Help with Terry

Hi, I have been playing CvS2 for a while now. And I mainly use a team of Terry,Chunli and Ken.

First, I would like to know if this is a pretty good team or not? I won a tourny just this past week with that team.

Also, are there any good basic combos that you can use to end with a super move. I mainly use chunli to build meter for terry and to take out any other remaining characters that my opponent might have.

The combos that I mainly use with terry are:

J. Hk, s.lp,s.lp, medium Busterwolf.

Now if I have meter I will usually do his level one Power Geyser or if I have no meter, I use his Mp burning knuckle. It would seem that the rising tackle would take off alot more but it doesnt for some reason.

I have tried learning to RC with terry but its just to god damn hard. Im pretty sure maybe terry Burning Knuckle would probably be good when RCed i bet.

I have hella trouble fighting Blanka and Honda cause they are hard.

But one of my friends uses a team of Blanka,Honda, and Haohmaru.

I take my time on Haohmaru with terry since he takes alot of damage.

But can anyone gimmes some pointers or starts or Guard Crush routines for terry?

here are some combos with terry s.fp to burn knuckle, s.fp to level 2 buster wolf to level one power Geyser, s.fp to level 3 power Geyser, s.fp to level 2 buster wolf to burn knuckle, s.fp to level 3 buster wolf to burn knuckle. Hope this helps

I assume you’re in C then? Well, that team seems decent enough… where’s your ratio"? And as far as damage, a lvl 2 power geyser xx FP Burn Knuckle will do mroe damage then most non super buster wolf combos.

So, it would help to know your groove and all… check the other threads too…

Oops, I should have posted that other information. Well, I play with a C groove and I have terry at ratio 2 since he seems to deal the most damage.

Is it possible though to RC his Burning Knuckle and Power Wave?

learn fp (2 hits) downforward fp into lp/mp burning knuckle or level 1/2 buster wolf. takes some practice. good damage though.

and can only be done on certain characters…

Combos with terry, of course the obvious s.Fp into whatever everyone knows.,, Buster wolf, buster wolf

Anti airs: Rising Tackle, C.Fp, df C.Fp

Good pokes can include, c.rh, is bufferable into a fireball or special)

His dash is EXCELLENT, make very good use of it. IE c.lp, c.lp, dash in throw. Or shit like, trip them, dash, dash(cross them up) s.fp into combo, etc etc etc you get the idea…

RC burning knuckle is very possible and very useful, but it takes a little time to learn, RC power wave is not really necessary. I could also see a good use for RC ?qcb Kick?.

Blanka and Honda are both very hard fights, so and I don’t use terry too often so I am sorry I can’t help you out too much on those two fights.

Set the date to “the beginning” and take the look at the Non-Groove Specific Combos and Strats thread. It will cover anything you need to know.

I mainly have alot of trouble with Honda and Blanka. Anyone know any strats for beating them?

I just rush honda as much as I can. and blanka? hah. good luck