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First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Ekco_Star and I’m very new to fighting games in the sense of being above button mashing. I just recently purchased Capcom vs SNK 2: Mark of the Millenium for the PS2, and am learning and slowly progressing. I have a few questions to ask.

#1. How the hell do I fight Shin Akuma? Every time I go through Ratio Mode or the other mode (Can’t remember what it’s called,) I always end up fighting Ult. Rugal, Rugal, or Akuma. I know how to fight the final bosses, but why does Ult. Rugal always show up? I really want to obtain Shin Akuma for completion pruposes.

#2. How come I can never combo properly? I always see people playing as Akuma or something, doing a Hurricane kick to Shoruken(sp) and combo it all, but when I try, I can never get anything. Any tips?

Thanks for your help in advance,


First and foremost, welcome to Cvs2 is a great and fun game if you are patient enough to sit down and learn some basics. I can answer those questions for you.

#1. The requirements to fight the real bosses are (you probably know but I gotta post them just in case)
-get over 1500 points at the end of the final stage (before the boss stage)
-get a finest KO
-fight the mid-boss (either Bison or Geese)

You only need to two of the above conditions to fight either Ult. Rugal or Shin Akuma. Whether you get to fight Shin Akuma or Ult. Rugal is random and you just gotta try again if you got the other boss.

#2. It would be easier if you were asking a specific combo and what problem you were having at what point. As for akuma combo, there’s really nothing to it. Just stand next to your opponent, do LK hurricane kick (2 hits) and then when you land catch them with a Shoryuken (any version, it’ll do 1 hit) before they fall to the ground. If the hurricane kick only did 1 hit, you can land up to 2 hits of either shoryuken or another hurricane kick. The general rule of Akuma combos is, you can land any strength hurricane kick or shoryuken up to 3 hits as long as you don’t drop them.


Ah okay, just luck then, thank you. Thank you for the info on the Akuma combo. I’m just trying to learn combo’s myself right now and just see how it all works. I’m still really bad at the game, seeing I’ve only owned it for about a week now.


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Here are some combos, and check the characters threads of course^^

youtube is also your friend! :slight_smile:


For combos, you need to understand how and why they work (whether it’s a cancel, link, juggles, etc). Go to and read jchensor’s systems guide, it has very detailed info about combos, from basics to advanced stuff.


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