Help with the HRAP EX pls


Just got it today, unfortunetly my 360 is out for repair so I can’t use it on there yet. But I tried hooking it up to my PC but I can’t get any response from the controller even though the drivers are installed and certain programs detect it. Also should the green Xbox Guide button be on even when its hooked to a PC? Thanks


nm I figured it out. But if anyone knows a easy way to get the plastic from around the buttons off I would really appreciate the help


I just removed the bits of plastic when I replaced the buttons.

Although the case is a bit of a hassle to open (not difficult, just time-consuming to put back together), you can pop out the buttons slightly, remove the plastic that’s gotten caught, then push them back in.


You are not going to tell how you fixed the problem for future readers?


I can only talk about legal emulators on the forum according to the rules so no I won’t talk about it in a thread. If someone needs help just mail me.