Help with the stick

i have a madcatz te stick and i wanted to know what could i do to make the joystick more stiff so it would return to the nuetral position faster. Do i just have to get rid of the whole stick contraption inside all together or is there a spring or something? I’m sorry if this has already been posted i could not find a similar post.

Add a LS-33 spring to it.

Kal004 - the “Sanwa JLF Ultimate Mod WITH UPDATE!” video is great. I’ve done what’s suggested to multiple sticks of mine.

However, depending on your know how or technical ability simply adding the LS-33 spring to your existing joystick will do wonders.

It is possible to replace the spring with a LS-55 spring as well.

go to home depot and look for a pack of springs (somewhere in the hardware department).

Thanks guys i really appreciate it

i had to revisit the issue but i was wondering can i put a happ spring into the te stick?. i got my hands on one and fell in love with the feel. if not would it be possible to replace my current joystick with a hapstick without scrapping the entire stick since i just completed a dual mod. thanks

no, not enough clearance in the stick for a happ without extensive EXTENSIVE modification

any other heavy springs that might simulate the feel?

From slagcoin:
LS-32 LS-33 LS-40 LS-55 spring (LS-32 and LS-40 springs can go around and LS-33 and LS-55 springs can go inside along with the JLF spring)

You can mix and match how you see fit. Personally, I don’t really like them any way other than what was intended, so I don’t know what combinations feel toughest. Just grab some and try it out.