Help with these PCBs

I took these pcbs outta two really shitty arcade sticks and need a little help figuring them out.

These two i pulled outta a small pelican universal stick (not the big wooded ones) and was wondering how i would wire sanwa buttons and a stick to it and if its even possible. The original stick just had buttons hitting a contact point (no switchs) so is it even possible to wire the buttons to it? Same with the stick.

This was pulled outta some old Fighter’s Choice Stick (similar box to a namco stick which ill be using) and is only for ps2. Its much simpler looking and also used the butttons with no switches directly hitting the pcb. So im in the same boat with this pcb as the last.

If these are useless i already have got ps1 pcbs coming in but i was wondering (especially the universal one) if they can be used.

Please let me know if anyone has worked with stuff like these before.

read my how to solder guide. That should explain your problems. It’s in the essential joystick thread.

Ok, i ordered a JLF with the wireing harness thing, (for the universal one on top) i would just have to connect the right directional wires to the right contacts, but what about the one ground wire? Would i just have to connect it to one of the ground contacts?

Also, on the top pcb, how would i connect the start and select button? Those contacts look different (like the pcb on the bottom).

Still wonderin…sorry for the double.