Help with TK IAJ execution

Ok. So this is my first shoryuken post. I consider myself to be a seasoned player in fighting games however ive been killing myself trying to learn adon Instant air jaguar and finally im getting it out, however I don’t have the 100% execution success i have down with my combos, ultras and specials. Ive done a lot of thinking, and practicing but still no good. I would really like some help here.
The way i perform it is shown below where D=down, D/B=down Back, B=Back ect


the time it takes from 1 to point 5 is approximately 2 sec since im doing it slowly. That’s 120 frames. Some of the times i miss so im wondering how long does SSF4 store a special motion? basically i believe that some times i press k just a few frames late and that results in me loosing the tatsu motion I stored b4 the jump.

Also i can but do not want to settle for the jump then tatsu motion. I want to do tatsu jump then kick. Ive read up on it so yes i know adon has a area just after he jumps where he cannot do it. No i dont want to use negative edge. Im aware that ducking before gives you some additional frames. Nb. I use a Pad.

You’re doing the motion wrong. Check the thread about it in the Adon section.

I made a typo with the fwd and just fixed. I read the IAJ thread but they discuss what to press not necessarily when to press. The key question is How long does a special get stored in ssf4. Does it vary by moves and characters. I did some testing with Fei Long (Rekka ken) and ryu fireball and it seems so, but i was wondering if there is some hardcore frame facts to explain. Thanks for the response.