Help with TK trap mixup on entry


Hello. Im a fairly new phoenix player. Shes so good and the more i learn with her the more i grow to really like her. I use skrull point, to level up frank west, and build crazy meter for phoenix. Its working out well. Ive read up on that incoming character mixup with phoenix TK trap. I can get it sometimes, i no u set up a trap M and teleport behind just as it triggers when there character comes in, but the problem i have sometimes is when i teleport from mid screen if it hits them it actually pushes them to the other side of the screen and u have to no to teleport real fast again so u can get there before they hit the ground. But if they BLOCK it you then have to no to start unloading crouching L to protect yourself and go for an up down combo. Its like split second decision if they block or not. And its especially hard on level 3 x factor cause of the speed increase. I no some of you have been playing phoenix for a long time so i figured this is the place to ask if there are any hints to perform this better or am i leaving something out that would make this easier to perform more efficient. Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can help.