Help with trials!


Just got some free time to actually practice as much as i need to be but now i struggle with inputs on the trial mode. I go to my arcade to practice and i use a chun li mad catz te2 stick. I didnt start using fightsticks until two years ago but prefer them over pads. I put in thr commands but nothing connects lol shit is annoying and i feel like its something im not doing or timing correctly. I put on button commands but no connections. Advice on how to connect? No clue what im doing, thanks in advance


What do you mean exactly by “nothing connects” ?


Nash first combo on vol 2 trials are crouch lp+crouch lk and then sonic scythe. The command shows on my inputs but its not connecting when i execute it. I suppose my issue is execution or properly executing his combos but i can’t get them to connect and complete trials to save my life


OK. It’s probably because you are not doing it fast enough.

When you do crouch LP, crouch LK, you are already pressing down.
All you need to do is rolling the stick to down-back and then back and press LP.

Don’t wait for crouch LK to hit before doing the qcb motion.

Have you ever succeeded with pad ?


To be completely honest I have not used pads and so long I am not 100% sure if I would be successful with the pads either. I just started using fights takes about two or three years ago and whenever I decide to use a pad I never successful with one simply because I’ve adapted to fight sticks now. I’ve held down the Crouch Direction and I’ve done the commands but whenever I move the joystick in a different direction it won’t connect. I guess my issue is trying to decide when it’s appropriate to input the commands. I’m either doing it too fast or too slow. The crouching low punch and low kick will connect but the Sonic scythe will not, my biggest crotch would be my execution. Do you have any tips that I could use in order to improve my execution so that I can successfully work on my characters combos?


Do you rely on what you see on screen before inputting the command for the light scythe?

Maybe you have a very laggy screen or monitor


I still play MVC, Xmen vs street fighter, darkstalkers,alpha 1-3,USF4, cvs 1&2, and mvc2 and DONT have this issue. Not a huge fan of this game but i like the graphics and characters, trying to understand Why im having this damn issue.


The scythe is a cancel. As soon as you do the crouch lk, you should be moving the stick for the special motion and hitting the required button. The goal is to cancel some of the frames of the crouch lk with the scythe frames.